Friday, 29 May 2015

Ghostly Communications

This week has been entertaining....... last  Friday, and completely by chance, we learned that the proposals JJ Ignatius Brennan and I  submitted in March for two large outdoor installations were selected at the time for an exhibition that opens next week.... but no one thought to tell us! Even with a supreme effort  it just isn't possible now.  The director of the organisation hosting the exhibition has, however,  apologised to us for the curators failing to let us know or answering our emails! Hopefully we will get another opportunity to create the pieces.

By contrast, yesterday, I got the good news that 'Weaving Ghosts' is being invited  to Norway in June 2016  for 2 months, which I am very happy about.

In the studio working towards 'Weaving Ghosts' I have been having fun teaching myself to make fishing nets.  I am using instructions in the wonderful 5 volume series 'Golden Hands' published by Marshall Cavendish that my mother bought in the1970's. It's a gem of a period piece with lots of  macrame bags and flower power, but the techniques are as clear as they ever were.

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