Wednesday 20 June 2012

Urban Baskets at the Harley Gallery

Photo courtesy of Harley Gallery

After almost two years of touring ‘Urban Baskets- tradition recycled’ is now open at its last planned UK venue, the Harley Gallery Welbeck, Nottinghamshire  where it will remain on show until the 12th August.

Whilst there remains the possibility of it being seen in other countries, the current economic situation is making it very hard for public venues in the UK to take on non-commercial touring shows. For the same tedious, and, in my view, totally preventable, reason there is no official opening planned at the Harley. Consequently  I have not seen its installation and unless we get enough students enrolled at the workshops planned for the 28th and 29th July I will not be able to see it, as I do not travel unless there is a genuine purpose to the voyage. Just looking at my work in a new venue doesn’t really count as such!

Stacking laundry basket, painted cardboard and recycled plastics, 1991

So, if you want to learn how to make simple functional baskets that will give you a huge amount of satisfaction in learning a new skill whilst recycling some things, sign up for the workshops, and with your help I may get to see the exhibition in it’s final UK venue.

Meanwhile if you get to the exhibition before me I would like to hear what you think of it, you can use the comment form or email me, either are welcome.