Saturday, 17 September 2011

After the Catwalk

My broadband isn't very high speed so the live stream kept stalling and the Daks show video, now online  has been edited. So, perhaps, I missed something, but I could only see 3 bags in the catwalk show of the 10 pieces that I was asked to make. They were a looped white leather shoulder bag, (below) a  coiled red rope shoulder bag and a large circular coiled red rope bag (above).

Sadly, they didn't use  the 2 leather piped coiled rope shoulder bags, a  large and a small  looped leather bag, or the 3 rimless hats!

I was not given any idea of how many pieces might be used and I certainly did not expect them to use them all. But, they responded so enthusiastically to everything,  that I  had imagined some of the other pieces might have been used too. So, for me personally the catwalk show was disappointing.   Obviously for Daks the clothes are the most important thing and the accessories secondary  but I  still hope these other pieces will get an airing  one day.  The thought  of them never being seen or used by anyone  seems too wasteful of both materials and my energy! But, at least, I can now show you some of the other pieces.


  1. Very Nice.
    from Jane Nielsen . I take part in one of your workshop in 2007 in Odense denmark. I work still with making products from found materials .

  2. Thank you Jane. I am glad to hear you are 'keeping the faith'!

  3. Likewise, Lois, my friend discovered me last night reversing slowly around a kitchen littered with fragments of wet iris leaf and purple plastic fibre...your workshop still reverberating. I still haven't made many baskets: I just love the rope-making...thank you...

  4. That's nice Jen, perhaps we can do an exchange of skills as I would love to get a little bit of your magic with words.