Saturday, 5 February 2011

Off to Paris

Coiling samples  done by Designer Textile students at ENSCI Paris 2009
Next week I will be teaching in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Superiere de Creation Industrielle, or ENSCI as it is known, where I will be working with the students in the Designer Textile department. It will be my third visit to the College and I am looking forward to it. You can read about the department here: . 
The students will be learning plaiting and twining techniques, which they will use to produce designs for a container. Usually these students work on looms with incredibly fine yarns creating textile designs for couture and interiors and they seem to like working on a miniature scale.  Last time there were occasions when a student asked me if they had done something correctly and I couldn't see whether they had or not because the sample was no bigger than my thumbnail and the threads she was using were no thicker than a baby's hair.  
They are working towards a "conteneur de volume" this year and I got some new glasses today, both should help!

Plaiting samples  done by Designer Textile students at ENSCI Paris 2009

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