Thursday, 13 January 2011

'Urban Baskets' unpacked in North Wales

'Urban Baskets' opens this weekend at two venues in North Wales where it will be on show  until March 12th. The exhibition has been divided between the Denbigh and Ruthin Library Galleries and details of the opening hours can be found here.

Sadly, I will not have a chance to visit either venue, or to run any workshops, due to the ongoing financial constraints that are currently squeezing the cultural life out of Britain so, if you have a chance to visit either venue please tell me about it!


  1. Hi Lois

    I went through your display in Ruthin library in North Wales today and it was a real joy. I saw so many helpful and practical ideas that would so help my home help itself a bit more everyday!

    The laundry tower: Being so colourful and fun I'm sure that the kids couldn't resist touching and opening up the baskets - and putting in their clothes. And how I love the little birds eyes at every level - so that I can see just when enough is enough and it is time to do the washing...And funnily I can even see myself happy now to sneak a laundry basket near the front door for all those pesky clothes that seem to walk in and make themselves at thome their no matter what I do! I'd be happy to have laundry in my front room when it made me smile!

    The softdrink bottle stand and weave on a rope: Colourful, fun and water friendly - I can see these helping the bathroom to help get the zoo under control. The little zoo keepers (my 5 and 7 year olds) couldn't resist sorting and arranging the animals into their pens. With the addition of a few holes (the hippo enclosure might be an exception) and leaving a few panels clear from the top to the bottom of the bottle I can see the way now to having an animal zoo in my bathroom :)

    You have a lovely gift. Thanks for sharing it. Keep on at it too!
    Best wishes

  2. Hello Rachel, I am glad you got some pleasure out of seeing my work. I am a bit bemused about the "softdrink bottle stand and weave on a rope" though as I don't recall using soft drink containers... still I suppose it doesn't matter what the zoo is constructed out of as long as the animals are happy.
    Nevertheless,thank you very much for your joyful observations.