Saturday, 16 October 2010

Moving On

Tempus fugit and Urban baskets tradition recycled will close at Walford Mill Crafts in Dorset next Sunday 24th October in the evening and is not planned to re-open in the South of England. So this is just a gentle reminder that there is only one week remaining in which to see it. The next showing is in North Wales and is being divided between two galleries Denbigh Library Gallery and Ruthin Library where it opens on the 15th January 2011 and will run until March 12th.

If you have already seen it and you would like to tell me what you thought of it, please do, either here, publicly, or by emailing me or, best of all, if you are planning a visit please write something in the visitors book. That way both the gallery and I get to know your thoughts and both of us can learn from them. As I said in an earlier post my work is meaningless for me unless other people engage with it one way or another.

There are still opportunites for other galleries to have the exhibition either in the UK or abroad, so if you know of a gallery that seems appropriate please tell me or Christine at about it.


  1. I and my husband saw your brilliant exhibition a week ago - he was a confirmed basket hater before, but not any more. The exhibition was a real eye opener both about baskets, about which I knew very little, and about what can be done with recycled materials. I am now trying to work out how I can use more recycled stuff in my embroideries.

    Thank you for a great morning out!

  2. I can't get to Dorset before it shuts but I have to tell you, I found your work last night and am stunned by it's seems so intelligent and funny, and very powerful. Who had any idea a basket could be that exciting? you, obviously, and probably a zillion other people, but I didn't. I want to learn to make baskets now. And on top of that your blog is very entertaining too. Can you adopt me?

  3. Thank you both for letting me know your thoughts. The conversion of a confirmed basket hater I will accept as a not insignificant achievement but I am also delighted that you have both found something that gave you pleasure in my work. It inspires me to continue.